Thursday 23 May 2024

Tiassa / Steven Brust


4 out of 5 stars 

Book number 524 of my Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Project

Adventures in library borrowing. I was delaying the renewal of this book, wanting to get the maximum number of days, as one does. Suddenly, with three days left on the book, there were two holds placed on it! Two! My reading priorities were changed abruptly as I coped with this new situation.

Fortunately I do enjoy Vlad Taltos books and concentrating my attention on this one was no hardship. The plot covers a lot of time, taking us back to pre-marriage Vlad, goofily in love with Cawti, right through the various stages of his life since then. Like any good story, there are two sides. As expected, Vlad is the focus of one side. His counterpart is Khaavren, the Captain of the Phoenix Guard, who is tasked with investigating the events that Vlad has participated in. This book would not be part of the series if the plot wasn't convoluted. The two men are very different. Vlad is the fast thinker and practiced plotter. He employs an interesting mix of planning (involving rehearsing, as for a play) and flying by the seat of his pants. What his objective truly is may be obscured by decoy objectives. Khaavren is much more analytical, as befits a crime investigator and a Tiassa.

A very enjoyable romp in the Vlad Taltos universe. If you like him, I think you will enjoy it.

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