Monday 26 February 2024

Shards of Hope / Nalini Singh


3.75 out of 5 stars

The last several books in this series have largely focused on the Psy world, which is very much in flux. Silence, the suppression of all emotion, has been broken. Psy who experience emotion are no longer sent for rehabilitation, but that doesn't mean that they know how to handle it. The return of sexual desire is especially confusing and Singh's characters often wish for a manual (and are quite excited when they realize there are such things). They share tips and files and watch online porn as training videos. Adorable!

The personal is political and while the new Council is finding its way a shadowy Consortium has decided to seize power. They are sneaky and determined to sow discord between humans, Changelings and Psy. Even between various groups within those main divisions. The elite Psy force, the Arrows, have their hands full. Their leader, Aden, is determined to provide a supportive training program, rather than the brutal regime of the past. He wants a family structure for these men, women, and children who must learn to control their dangerous psychic abilities. There have been kidnappings of marine Changelings to be dealt with, in addition to the Consortium's meddling (assassination attempts, financial shenanigans, etc.)

Since the Psy are my favourites among the three populations, these books have been a great deal of fun for me. I love watching them relearn how to love and be compassionate to their children and each other. My Psy are thawing, leaving behind the icy state of Silence.

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