Thursday, 21 February 2013

Missing in Action

Okay, this situation is completely out of control.  I haven’t written anything here for months and this has to stop!  Its not that I haven’t been doing things, I have.  But I have been neglecting to write in my journal every day and when I quit writing there, apparently I quit writing everywhere.

So, some of things that have happened since August:  a trip to New Zealand, a nasty influenza bug, Christmas with family, more flu fatigue, locating the new home of an elderly friend, attending a baby shower in Fort MacLeod, some rather intense training sessions at work and another elderly friend has broken her hip.  Plus I have read a big load of books (because that’s one of my ways of dealing with stress—ignore the real world and immerse in fictional worlds).  

I will attempt to blog about some of these issues here over the next few weeks—better late than never,  right?